Exploring the Major Industries of St. Louis, Missouri

Explore the major industries that make up St. Louis Missouri's economy including aviation biotechnology chemicals electrical services financial services beverage and food manufacturing medical and life sciences research plant sciences refining telecommunications an

Exploring the Major Industries of St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri is a major regional financial center that offers a unique combination of comfort, affordability, and access to a talented workforce, exceptional educational and cultural institutions, and great recreational opportunities. This city is an ideal home for progressive companies that compete in the global economy due to its central location and extraordinary transportation assets. The St.

Louis region has a vast and talented workforce of 1.5 million people, with an additional 50,000 people moving to the area each year. This influx of new job talent is an important source for employers. Workers in the area specialize in a variety of occupations, such as business specialists, technicians, scientists, engineers, healthcare professionals, teachers, artists, computer programmers, analysts, and more. St. Louis is home to 34 four-year colleges and universities that enroll more than 100,000 students and grant more than 25,000 undergraduate or advanced degrees annually.

Additionally, more than 40,000 students attend 10- or two-year community, vocational and technical colleges in the St. Louis region. Here, more than 35 percent of adults have a bachelor's degree or higher degree – well above the U. S.

average. St. Louis is also home to 22 main headquarters that appear on the Fortune 1000, Forbes Global 2000 and Forbes lists of the largest private companies in the United States. These companies have headquarters around the world, employ hundreds of thousands of people and have revenues of hundreds of billions. The cost of doing business index in St. Louis is 93 percent of the average for U.

metropolitan areas – a key advantage for a large metropolitan area. Affordability and income levels in the region offer the seventh highest standard of living among the 53 largest states in the U. S.The major industries in St. Louis include aviation, biotechnology, chemicals, electrical services, financial services, beverage and food manufacturing, medical and life sciences research, plant sciences, refining, telecommunications, and transportation.

Additionally, St. Louis has competitive strengths in advanced manufacturing, innovation in bioscience and health care, digital transformation, financial and business services, and mobility and transportation. For more than 39 years NetGain Technologies has been a trusted partner to help companies in various industries such as St. Louis Union Trust, Union Electric Company , General American Life Insurance Company , Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis , Stix Baer & Fuller Bank of St.

Louis by the end of July 1817. Automobile manufacturing continues to expand as one of the largest industries in St. Louis – employing more than 132.7 thousand people through automotive jobs in Missouri alone – while healthcare plays a vital role in facilitating employment opportunities. Educational research institutions such as Washington University make an important contribution to medical research while St. Louis Ordnance was once the world's largest ammunition manufacturer producing more than a billion rounds for the Allies.

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